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    Method to hide folders in iPad2

    How can I hide folders in my iPad2? Is jailbreaking needed to do it?

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    Re: Method to hide folders in iPad2

    There is no folder hiding option in your iPad2 unless you jail break. But there are options to keep your folders secure in privacy. A third party cannot access your folders by doing so. This can be done with the help of apps like "Private Area" and "My Secret Folder". All you need to do is to set a password for it. This will keep your folders private as third persons will be asked for the password once they try to access it. If you feel like jail breaking then you can look forward to apps like My Hidden Folder Pro, Your Secret Folder, Lock Folder HD and Private Media Folders.

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    Re: Method to hide folders in iPad2

    Method to hide folders in iPad2

    yes you can do that by having the software named as "SSA MOBILE LLC".
    you can download and buy it from itunes.
    here we can go through some of the features of that software are
    discreet icon design.
    full retina display support.
    normal and decoy password modes.
    take private photos and videos from within the app.
    you can creat unlimited folders and in those folders you can also creat subfolders so many.
    you can have so many applications from this software.

    thanks for visit this..................

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    Re: Method to hide folders in iPad2

    Hi friend,

    One of the advantage with the ipad is you can hide the files or any documents or videos or movies or songs.

    For this you need to install the hiding application on ipad.After installing you can hide what ever you want through hide app.

    +++ List of hiding applications for ipad :

    1. HideMe.

    2. Folder Lock.

    3. Hide It Pro.

    4. Any Hide.

    5. Hide Files etc.

    +++ Steps to hide folders :

    1. Download and install the above any app on your ipad.

    2. After successfully installing tap the applications.

    3. From app select the folders which you want to hide.

    4. After this press the hide button to hide.

    5. If you want to unhide pres the unhide button from app.

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    Re: Method to hide folders in iPad2

    hi friend

    you can download these applications from itunes or app store

    then you can hide any file in the system

    1 address file explorer

    2 hhide me

    3 folder lock

    4 safe me

    5 hide it pro

    these are also protecting with password s also

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    Re: Method to hide folders in iPad2

    Offcourse you can hide the folders in iPad2

    To hide the folders in iPad2, you can install a third party application name “Private Area

    You can download and install the application from “App Store”

    Or else you can refer to the below mentioned link


    The application costs $0.99

    Reboot you r device once installed

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