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    Locating lost iPad1

    I accidentally lost my iPad1. Is there any way to trace my tablet? Does iPad has any such functionality built in?

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    princeyash Array
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    Re: Locating lost iPad1

    You can track your i-pad using your computer.

    Procedure for tracking the lost i-pad:

    1.Tap setting

    2.Tap mail,contact

    3.Tap add account

    4.tap mobile me

    5.in the mobile me enter your apple ID and PASSWORD

    6.back to the mobile me and drag to turn on my i-pad feature on.

    7.Tap save

    8.after that the map will appear and you can find the location of your i-pad.

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    imman Array
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    Unhappy Re: Locating lost iPad1

    ## HI ##

    ## Check it out ##

    #_# You should enable your Find My ipad via iCloud so that you can find your lost ipad #_#

    If you done that then do the steps below #_#

    Sign in to iCloud.com from any web browser on Mac or PC #_#

    You can also do this from another ipad too #_#

    Now go to Find My ipad app which will show your ipad location on the map #_#

    find_my_ipad_hero.jpg find_my_ipad_message.jpg

    ## Thank you ##

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    vermaheart Array
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    Re: Locating lost iPad1

    Hi there,

    You can recover your lost ipad through the app called FIND MY IPAD

    The app is available in the APP STORE and you can recover your lost ipad through this app.

    The exact location of your lost ipad will be shown in the maps and then you can track over it.

    In order to get a full detail about the app and also the details about how to use this app just click over the link given below:

    LINK: http://www.apple.com/ipad/find-my-ipad.html

    This will definitely help you..


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    chetan Array
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    Re: Locating lost iPad1

    There are many app you can use for ipad traking some of them are litsed below :

    Find My Ipad


    Device tracker

    Mobile Tracker

    These apps are available in the APP STORE and it can relocate the lost ipad.

    For the above apps go to http://www.itunes.appstore.com

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    yeswanth Array
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    Re: Locating lost iPad1

    Yes, there are many ways to locate your lost iPad.
    There many apps that have been provided by the Apple to find the lost iPad's of many users.
    The following are the list of apps that you can have
    -Find My iPad
    -Mobile tracker
    -Device Tracker
    -Mobile Me
    By these you can trace your lost iPad.
    If you have enabled Find My iPad on your iPad it will be quite easy to find your lost iPad.
    Hope this will be helpful to you............

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: Locating lost iPad1

    Dear friend,

    Don't worry about lost ipad.

    After lost your ipad give the POLICE COMPLAINT IMMEDIATELY & follow the below instructions for tracking the lost ipad.

    +++ Apps for locating lost ipad's :

    1. Device Locator.

    2. Find My Ipad.

    3. Ipad tracker.

    4. GPS Tracking.

    5. Hurricane app.

    you can download this tracking apps from the websites http://www.mobile9.com

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    kondaveetisrikanth Array
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    Re: Locating lost iPad1

    hi friends

    for locating the lost or stolen i pod how to finding way

    1 by use GPS tracker

    2 lost my i pod

    3 find my i pad

    4 mobile tracker

    5 mobile me


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