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    Keyboard not appearing on iPad 2 since IOS 6 update

    After upgrading my iPad 2 to IOS 6, I have noticed that the virtual keyboard does not come up on the screen whenever I need it. What should I do to get this keyboard on the screen?

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    Re: Keyboard not appearing on iPad 2 since IOS 6 update

    You may have turned on Bluetooth on your iPad. The virtual keyboard will not pop up on the screen if there is Bluetooth connection. Turn off the Bluetooth and then try to bring up the keyboard on the screen. For that, you need to first get into the home page by simply pressing the ‘Home’ button. Search through the icons available there and find out ‘Settings’ icon. Tap over that icon until you can view a list of main settings on the screen. Go the left pane of the settings page and tap over the ‘Bluetooth’ option. Toggle the switch that appears next to the ‘Bluetooth’ item to the ‘OFF’ mode.

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    Re: Keyboard not appearing on iPad 2 since IOS 6 update

    your upgrading version is not supporting your ipad.so you should downgrad your ipad.after completing the downgrad you must switch of the ipad.then make power on the ipad,and check your function. now you can see the working virtual keyboard.

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    Re: Keyboard not appearing on iPad 2 since IOS 6 update

    Stupid iPads, if you have Bluetooth on and you are connected to a device your onboard keyboard does not work.
    I need to use a bluetooth barcode scanner with the iPad but when connected it does not let you use the onboard keyboard which is stupid.
    This should be a user option to select if you want to turn of onboard keyboard on or off if bluetooth connected.
    It wrongly assumes anything connected via bluetooth is a keyboard.

    Come on Apple!! Update please

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