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    iTunes not recognizing iPad 1

    I have one iPad 1 and one new iPhone 4 with me. I have also updated to the latest version of iTunes. Now my iPad is not recognized by iTunes but iPhone works. When I connect my iPad with the computer using a cable and open the itunes I don’t see my device there. What should I do?

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    venki Array
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    Re: iTunes not recognizing iPad 1

    hello friends..

    to solve the above problem read the following steps:

    ## go to settings

    ##go to applications tab

    #click on manage apps

    ##select iTunes and clear the cache

    ## restart your device once

    these steps may helpful to solve your problem

    all the best

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    mr-brar Array
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    Re: iTunes not recognizing iPad 1

    Hello friend,

    First fo all go to the your computer and open the control panel,

    After this open the uninstalling programs and uninstall the itunes software older version,

    Then restart your computer and install the latest version of itunes software,

    Now connect your device normally showing in the itunes and you use the normally,

    I hope this information usefull to you,


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    Dark Knight Array
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    Re: iTunes not recognizing iPad 1

    Hi Guys..

    This might happen when the iTunes is out dated or connection is not firm .

    connect your device firmly .

    Use genuine cable and connect .

    check other USB port .

    and uninstall the previous version of the iTunes and install the latest version of it .

    Thank you...

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    somtapanath Array
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    Re: iTunes not recognizing iPad 1


    iTunes not recognizing iPad 1

    follow the steps below---

    -->start the button of the menu key.

    -->select the setting option.

    -->click the general option.

    -->go to the application option.

    -->click the iTunes apps.

    -->followed by the clear the cache data & files .

    -->if not solve then connect the internet .

    -->use the high speed connection like 3G.

    -->uninstall the older version .

    -->download the latest version from the Google ply store.

    -->now reinstall it & turn off the device .

    -->finally restart it & solve the matter.

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    @@@@@@@ Array
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    Re: iTunes not recognizing iPad 1

    Hello my dear Dude ...

    The problem might occurred due to the ::

    <> Faulty ipad 1

    <> Faulty USB port

    <> Faulty USB cord

    <> Faulty iTunes

    You must go for the REBOOT option once again

    Then you must need to RE - SYNC them to resolve the issue

    So now Try to RESTORE them ..

    So now start opening it

    If it does not work still .. then try to Install the iTunes again

    Get a Replacement ... because that seems to be Most likely Defective

    It should fix the issue


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    mithu ashi Array
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    Re: iTunes not recognizing iPad 1

    iTunes not recognizing iPad 1, follow these steps:-1) Tap on the start the button of the menu key.2) Select the settings option.3) Press the general option.4) Hit the applications option.5) Tap on the iTunes apps.6) Hit the clear cache & data files.7) Also you need to update the iTunes to latest version.8) Check the issue is solved.

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