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    Issues installing new iPad Office app on iPad4 iOS tablet

    I was very much impressed with a new office app and wish to install it on my iPad4 iOS tablet. But I am not able to install it on my device as the screen goes unresponsive in the midst of the installation process and after sometimes it quits the installation screen and reaches main screen. What shall I do?

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    Re: Issues installing new iPad Office app on iPad4 iOS tablet

    You must reset the iOS powered iPad4 tablet to solve the problem. You have to first opt for the menu button and sleep/wake button of the iPad4 tablet. Then keep on holding these buttons for some seconds. This will bring in a red slider on the iPad screen. You must keep on the hold after seeing it too. Then an Apple logo will be shown up on the iPad screen. Now you may leave the holding of buttons. This will complete the reset process of the iOS device. Now you can go for the app installation once more. This time you can perform the installation without any problems.

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    Re: Issues installing new iPad Office app on iPad4 iOS tablet

    hello friends..

    to solve the above problem read the following steps:

    ## go to settings

    ## click on reset option

    ##it will reset all settings as newly

    ##now download the office app and install onto your device

    these steps may helpful to you

    all the best

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