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    iPad1 Apps crashing frequently

    I am facing an issue like my iPad1 Apps are crashing frequently. Please let me know proper ways to get over this problem.

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: iPad1 Apps crashing frequently

    Hi friend,

    If ipad apps crashing every time you should do the below necessary things.

    +++ Reasons for apps crashing frequently :

    1. Due to the old version of ipad 2.

    2. Due to malware or virus enter into the ipad 2.

    3. Due to old version of applications.

    +++ Remedy for the frequently crashing :

    1. Update the ipad frimware to overcome the crashing problems frequently.

    2. You can also avoid the by updating the ipad apps.

    3. Check and delete the malware enter into the ipad 2.

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    swagota paira Array
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    Re: iPad1 Apps crashing frequently

    it cresh due to the old ipad version.
    due to virus.
    due to old version of application.
    update the firmware.
    update ipad application.
    check and delete the virus.

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