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    iPad Mini not connecting to the iTunes Store

    I have an iPad Mini which works fine most of the time. However, I am not able to connect it with iTunes stores. I am totally new to the iOS world so urgently need the help of some experts. Kindly provide some help

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    abhijeet2015 Array
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    Re: iPad Mini not connecting to the iTunes Store


    It seems bad when hear that you can not access the itune.

    Make sure that --->
    * Your device is free from virus.
    * Your device has the correct itune app.
    * You may try doing the factory reset.
    * This may be the way to get the itune preinstalled.
    * You can also download the itune app from store.

    ---> Make sure to save the device from virus attack.
    ---> You must read the guidelines of itune for help.


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    kasim Array
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    Re: iPad Mini not connecting to the iTunes Store

    The first two things I would do is

    Trying turning the ipad off and on

    check to make sure Restrictions on your i Pad is turned off.
    1) press home button
    2) touch settings
    3) touch General
    4) touch restrictions
    if enabled touch "Disable Restrictions", at witch point it will ask you for the four digit code.
    If restrictions are enabled, and you do not know the four digit code you will have to restore your i pad.

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    abhinandan Array
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    Re: iPad Mini not connecting to the iTunes Store

    ++++++++++++Try this method for this issue++++++++
    ********At first launch iTunes application.

    ********Select tap on to the iTunes preferences option.

    ********Now the edit option is to be verified.

    ********There the option of 'preference' is to be selected.

    ********Attach your iPad with using a compatible USB cable.

    ******** launch iTunes in your.

    ********option visible in the left pane of the iTunes screen

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