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    iPad 3 shows only ‘All Recipients’ option on ‘Mail’ app

    When I receive a mail through ‘Mail’ app on my iPad 3, I can’t send the reply to the corresponding sender. The app does display only ‘All Recipients’ among the reply options. Is there any solution available for resolving this issue?

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    Re: iPad 3 shows only ‘All Recipients’ option on ‘Mail’ app

    Perform a reset on the iPad with the help of Home and Sleep/Wake buttons. Press both of these buttons at the same time with your fingers. Then, hold them for about 10-15 seconds. Do not pay attention to the red slider pop up on the screen during this time. Continue to hold down the buttons until you can view the Apple Logo on the screen. Wait till you can view the home page pop up on the screen. Launch the ‘Mail’ app again and see whether you can send reply to individual sender.

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