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    iPad 2 started behaving in strange manner

    It looks like someone is playing with my iPad 2.Everything was fine but now it hangs just too much. However the problem ends when i restart it after shutting down but it is quite irritating and frustrating to restart always. Do you know what's going on and how to deal with it?

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    Re: iPad 2 started behaving in strange manner

    If your ipad is behaving strange that you have never seen before then according to your issue here is the solution for you :
    1.First of all when ever you get struck with the applications and screen then you must clean the virus files in your ipad using anti virus software.
    2.Then the software applications should be uninstalled if they are not in use,so that they can save you the memory.
    3.You have to update your software using the software update option in the settings menu so that it can clearly refresh your ipad.
    4.The process makes your ipad clean and also new features get installed in your ipad and also you get the solution.

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