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    iPad 2 can’t open ‘Mail’ app using mail icon

    My iPad 2 does launch the ‘Mail’ app screen after tapping on the mail icon. But, the screen will disappear immediately after few seconds. How can I tackle the reason behind this issue?

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    Re: iPad 2 can’t open ‘Mail’ app using mail icon

    Hello Dear Friend ....

    How are you ???

    Open the Home page

    Then go to the Settings option

    Then go to the Mail ... contacts ...calender option

    It will be below the GENERAL option

    Then after tapping it you will see the mail option

    Then you just click on it

    Then you can easily access it


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    Re: iPad 2 can’t open ‘Mail’ app using mail icon


    Sometimes this kind of problem occurred due to these reasons...

    ====>Your iPad was hang due to heavy loading condition.
    ====>Due to Internal memory fragmentation.
    ====>One of the installed app making this kind of issue.
    ====>Due to virus file.

    To solve that problem try these steps...

    ====>Restart your iPad sometime this action make your device as smooth as can.
    ====>Search the corrupt installed app.
    ====>Uninstall that app and re-install again.
    ====>Now try to work with iPad.
    ====>If you still have an issue than try next step.
    ====>Reset your iPad.
    ====>Resetting procedure will fix all the issue.
    ====>After resetting you will get proper response.

    Try this i hope this will help you...........

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