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    iPad 1 over heating after the screen change

    I am using an iPad 1 3G. I have changed the screen because the original one was damaged. Now, It is replaced with a brand new screen. It is working fine but over heating. It is not normal so I tried to find the reason for this but failed. Do you have any idea, What is going on?

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    Re: iPad 1 over heating after the screen change

    Dear friend,

    Here is the solution to your problem,

    1. You have to turn on Auto brightness.

    2. you have to download all email manually and do not use push or fetch.

    3. Do not switch on bluetooth if there is no use

    4. check that no Apps are running in background un-necessarily.

    5. Turn off location services if not needed.

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    Re: iPad 1 over heating after the screen change

    You are facing over heating after the screen change on your iPad 1 3G.

    My suggestion for this issue is screen changing method was not correct as a result there is problem of consuming more energy that is the reason of overheating.Now to rectify this issue either you can change your screen by yourself again
    or go to iPad one original servicing center to correct this problem, it is one kind of hardware problem often such problem
    may occur so you to correct this problem as early as possible to save the battery life.

    Thank You,

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    Re: iPad 1 over heating after the screen change

    Dear User ************
    ++++++++Try this method for this issue +++++++++++

    ********Firstly make sure that your device battery is correct or not.

    ********Now make sure that battery properly entered into the device.

    ********Manage your device power option.

    ********Sometimes this kind of problem due to one of the installed app that consuming much battery power.

    ********Find the app that consuming much battery power and uninstall that.

    ********If all going well than you will get proper response.

    ********Try this i hope this will help you...

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    Re: iPad 1 over heating after the screen change

    The overheating of your iPad is due to:-

    -Battery getting overheated.

    -Apps running in the background requiring higher ram and power.

    -The iOS needs to be upgraded.

    -Multiple operations are being done simultaneously in your iPad.

    The solution to your problem is:-

    -First of all,make sure multiple apps are not running in the background.

    -Make sure too much of multiple operations are not done simultaneously on your iPad.

    -Do not run heavy apps simultaneously at the same time.

    -Upgrade it properly following all the steps correctly.

    -If still problem persists,replace the battery.

    Your problem will be solved.

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    Re: iPad 1 over heating after the screen change

    Hi friend,

    This ipad 1 battery heating even when you after screen change because of battery problem.You can decrease this somewhat by following the below tips

    ---> If you are facing this issue always once consult the ipad 1 technician and change to new battery.

    ---> Use the ipad 1 in specified temperature conditions.

    ---> Use only one task at a time to avoid the over heating issue.

    ---> You can avoid the heat by using the heat reducing ipad 1 panel.

    ---> Once shutdown the ipad 1 and keep it side until heat decreases.

    ---> Close the all background running apps like gtalk,skype etc.

    ---> Set the power settings in power saving mode this will also reduce the heat.

    Thank you........................

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