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    IOS 6 download get interrupted on iPad 3

    While I was updating my iPad 3 to IOS 6, it stops in the middle with an error message “IOS 6 failed downloading due to unknown error”. I tried again and got the same error message. Anyone who knows the reason for such an issue?

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    Re: IOS 6 download get interrupted on iPad 3

    Yes you can solve this issue with ease.The main problem is that interruption of your network while you are downloading the IOS 6 software.
    So the Network connection of your ipad must be perfect so that you can download it with ease and you can enjoy it's features.
    The failing of that software download will not cause any damage to your ipad but the download may not be continued further.
    In order to avoid this problem you have use faster internet connection like Wi-Fi and 3G etc.
    You can download the software through your PC also.This is the easiest method to upgrade your ipad to IOS 6 software.

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