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    Instructions to use split screen in iPad 3

    I just wanted to use the split screen option in my iPad 3. Can someone provide me the instructions which we need to follow for that? is there any third party application which we need to install or so? Kindly give me complete information about the same. Thanks.

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    swathi123 Array
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    Feb 2013

    Re: Instructions to use split screen in iPad 3

    First off all you need to enable the keyboard split option.Then try to split the on screen keyboard

    Follow these steps to enable the spilt screen keyboard

    • Go to the home screen of the ipad
    • Then select the Settings by taping on the Gare icon
    • Then choose the option General
    • Now select the Keyboard Under general
    • Then Locate the option Split keyboard
    • Then turn on this feature
    • Now return to the home screen
    To split the keyboard the press and hold the Keyboard key at the lower right corner of the on screen keyboard

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