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    How to watch live TV on iPad3?

    I have purchased an iPad3. I want to watch live TV on my iPad3. Let me please get it know about the app which helps to watch live TV in my iPad.

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    Re: How to watch live TV on iPad3?

    There are apps which help you to watch TV on the iPad. That app includes TV Streamer and Insta TV Pro. But only with these applications you cannot watch live TV. You have to use either a network tuner or a DTV dongle. This is to enable the broadcasting of live TV to the iPad. PlayOn TV is an app for watching live TV. Most of the cables provide the apps that allows to watch the live TV. Time Warner Cable is such one cable used for watching the live TV.

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    Re: How to watch live TV on iPad3?


    Procedure to watch live TV on i Pad:-

    -> Download and install the third party Play-on TV application.

    -> Once you install then launch the apps.

    -> After then connect the cable to device and live the TV.


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    Re: How to watch live TV on iPad3?

    Dear user ************

    ++++++++Try this +++++++++++
    ***********Firstly connect your iPad 3 via internet.

    ***********you might not have installed tv app for accessing the television

    ***********TV tuner card is required for accessing the "Internet TV" in media center without this hardware it wont work

    ***********Now launch the iTunes.

    ***********Under the iTunes menu bar you will see the TV icon, just click on it.

    ***********After clicking you will get the TV window with few tabs.

    ***********Now click on Summery tab.

    ***********Under the Summery tab you will the Sync option at below bottom on the window.

    ***********Click on Sync button to sync TV.

    ***********After sync try to on Home Sharing.

    ***********After doing so your problem will solve.

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