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    How to rename an iBook item on iOS supported iPad4 handset?

    One of the iBook items on my iOS supported iPad4 handset needs to be renamed so as to use it with another application where a name change is mandatory. What has to be done in order to rename it?

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    iPad-Expert Array
    Join Date
    Mar 2012

    Re: How to rename an iBook item on iOS supported iPad4 handset?

    First you must connect your iOS supported iPad4 handset to PC and launch iTunes. Then from the resulting options, iBook app has to be selected. Within the section, you will be able to find all of the iBook items. Then tap and select the particular iBook item you wish to rename. After that you will have to tap and enter the info tab on the screen. On the resulting screen, you are supposed to go for the ‘rename’ option. There you will be shown a textbox with edit screen. You can erase the old name and give in the new name there. Once you gave in the name, save the changes that are made.

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    arunwillbe1 Array
    Join Date
    Jun 2012

    Re: How to rename an iBook item on iOS supported iPad4 handset?

    Hi friend,

    You can rename the items inside the iBook from ipad 4 handset.For this follow the below instructions.

    +++ Steps to follow to change the name of particular iBook item in ipad 4 :

    1. Tap the ipad 4 home screen by turn on it.

    2. Now locate the iBook application on home screen and tap it.

    3. Now you will see the different items.Among this select the item for which you want to change the name.

    4. After selecting tap the options for this item.

    5. In options find and tap the rename option.

    6. Now enter the new name which you desired.

    7. After enter the new name press the save button.

    Thank you.......................

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    MAGGI Array
    Join Date
    Mar 2013

    Re: How to rename an iBook item on iOS supported iPad4 handset?

    Hello friend,,

    > restart the system and scan it in proper manner because all corrupted items are delete during this process
    > now go on home screen of the system
    > after that select the item that should you want to rename
    > after that enter in setting of system
    > now find the rename option in it
    > and change the name of selected items according to choice

    Thanks dear
    Have a nice day

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    abhijeet2015 Array
    Join Date
    Oct 2012

    Re: How to rename an iBook item on iOS supported iPad4 handset?


    I book items can be renamed generally.
    Simply reboot your device.
    Now make sure that no other activity is performed.
    Now visit the settings portion in device.
    Now there go to the ongoing apps there.

    -->There you have the option to rename, delete.
    --> Simply you can rename any time .
    -->Save after rename and then launch the application.
    --> Save the device from the virus issue.


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    Jaihanuman Array
    Join Date
    Aug 2012

    Re: How to rename an iBook item on iOS supported iPad4 handset?

    Below are the steps to rename an iBook item on iOS supported iPad4 handset-
    • Firstly you must have to connect your ipad with the computer using USB Cable.
    • Now you must have to locate the itunes and click on it to open.
    • In this section, you must have to select the ibook application.
    • A list of Ibooks will be displayed on screen from it you must have to tap on specific ibook.
    • After it, you must have to enter into info segment of it.
    • At last, hit on rename option and clear the old name and provide the new name. Save the changes.

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