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    How to make a video call on an iPad1?

    Can I use a webcam or plug in camera to video call on Ipad 1? (I know that Ipad 23 etc have built in cameras) My Mother has older model and wants to make video calls.

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    Re: How to make a video call on an iPad1?

    Steps to make a video call on iPad:

    >> Install Skype
    >> Tap the Skype icon on your iPad’s Home screen to launch the Skype app.
    >> Type your Skype Name and password into the fields that appear and tap the Sign In button.
    >> If you don’t have an account in Skype then you have to sign up first.
    >> Your contacts are shown.
    >> Tap the name of a contact.
    >> Tap the Video Call button.
    >> Wait for call to get connected
    >> Tap anywhere on the screen once the call gets connected.

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