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    How interesting is Helidroid 3D app in iPad?

    I would like to know about the essence of the iPad game, Helidroid 3D. What are the interesting elements of this new iPad game?

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    Re: How interesting is Helidroid 3D app in iPad?

    Helidroid 3D for iPad is a realistic 3D game which is really interesting for youngsters. The game is like you should control a little RC helicopter within a house. The first level takes place in bedroom where you should accomplish 30 missions. As the level goes on, the missions will be more challenging. A lot of new toys will enter in the picture like car-circuit or else an electronic-train. When you successfully finish the game, you will become a ‘real’ pilot. This game can be accessed by the enthusiasts for free from iTunes store.

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    Re: How interesting is Helidroid 3D app in iPad?

    Helidroid 3D app

    >> Interesting 3D game for young generation

    >> This game will let you imagine that a RC helicopter is managed by you in a house

    >> There are many different levels and with increasing difficulty

    >> First Level: Bedroom level with 30 missions

    >> Toys like car-circuit or an electronic-train appears as the levels increases

    >> To become a “Real pilot, you have to complete the game

    >> The game will cost around $0.99

    >> You can download and install the game from “App Store”

    >> Or else you can refer to the below mentioned link

    Source :

    >> Reboot your device once installed

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