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    How to establish a Wireless connection between iPad and Hifi?

    I have an iPad Mini.I want to connect my Hifi with my iPad mini wirelessly.For this purpose I have already used XBMC and I stream my FLAC's from my NAS.I am not able control everything properly.Do you have any idea what to do? Do you have any any other idea for the same?

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    Re: How to establish a Wireless connection between iPad and Hifi?

    If you want to connect the Hifi and ipad wireless then follow the procedure below :
    1.So you need to have the better application processes so that you can be able to connect the wireless application connectivity.
    2.This can be used well with the wi-fi connection activation in your ipad.
    3.First of all you have to activate the Wi-fi connection in your ipad with the password and user id you have.
    4.Then Hifi will be connected automatically if you enable the Wi-fi in your ipad.
    5.So this can be very useful for you to connect the devices easily.

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