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    How to enable text wrapping in Browser?

    I am an iPad user but my font size is too small so i want to enlarge it.I also want to enable text wrapping feature in Browsers like safari.I can use pinch to zoom feature for enlarge the fonts but it needs to be done again and again which is time consuming as well.What should i do?

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    Re: How to enable text wrapping in Browser?

    Hello My dear Dude ...

    How are you ??

    First of all open the Browser

    Then go to the Menu

    Then click on the " More " option

    there after tap on the Settings

    Then go to the Auto Fit option

    That is it

    It will be definitely enabled


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    Re: How to enable text wrapping in Browser?

    You can enable text wrapping option very easily in any web browser by fallowing
    To enable text wrap insert your image or drawing it automatically create a break
    First goto page Layout
    then go to Text wrap
    then scroll down you can differt text wrapping styles
    then choose one
    like this you can enable your text wrapping option.

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