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    HDMI adapter has stopped working with iPad 2

    I have recently bought an Apple branded HDMI adapter for my iPad 2. But when I plug in the adapter, I can view only black screen on the iPad. It seems that the adaptor is not working with it. What are the procedures required to fix up this issue?

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    Re: HDMI adapter has stopped working with iPad 2

    When ever the HDMI adapter gets failure with your data and also the application does not connect then follow the steps below :
    1.Follow the process of making installation of the HDMI adapter then if it fails the adapter does not work.
    2.SO the failure of that application installation makes your device does not work with the ipad.
    3.You can re install the HDMI adapter application with the ipad so that you can be able to perform the operation on the adapter installation.
    4.After installing the HDMI adapter you can easily view the airplay channels and also the apple tv channels that are free to air.
    5.These are the steps that you should make to allow the HDMI adapter installation.

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