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    Google Calendar splitting onscreen keyboard on iPad 2

    I am having trouble with the onscreen keyboard on my iPad while using Google Calendar. When I tap on the ‘New Event’ tab in the calendar, the keyboard tend to split into two parts and moves to the opposite sides of the screen. How to merge it and avoid this in the future?

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    Re: Google Calendar splitting onscreen keyboard on iPad 2

    Move the two ends of the split keyboard to the middle part of the screen with your fingers to merge it. It is also possible to merge the keyboard with the help of keyboard icon located at the lower corner of the keyboard. Tap and hold that icon and select ‘Dock and Merge’ from the pop-up menu. To avoid this issue in future, you need to turn off ‘Split Keyboard’ feature on iPad settings. Hit the ‘Settings’ icon visible on the home screen for that and tap ‘General’ option from the default settings list. Go through the general settings afterwards and tap over ‘Keyboard’ option. Then the keyboard settings will be displayed on the screen from which locate the ‘Split Keyboard’ item. Slide the switch near the item with your fingers until it displays ‘ON’ label.

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    Re: Google Calendar splitting onscreen keyboard on iPad 2

    To merge the keyboard move towards both the split ends of the keyboard to merge the splitted keyboard
    You can also merge the keyboard by taping the keyboard key and hold it
    Then choose the option Merge this will merge the splitted keyboard.
    Then disable the split keyboard option to do the same follow these steps
    • Go to the settings tab
    • Then choose the General tap
    • Then select the keyboard under general
    • Now choose the option Split keyboard
    • Then move the slider to the left to turn off this feature.

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