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    Email not being sent on iPad

    The emails I have been sending are found to be missing from the sent folder of my email account. The recipients are also not getting it though it shows mail sent after the sending process. Why is it not possible to send mail from my iPad?

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    arunwillbe1 Array
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    Re: Email not being sent on iPad

    Hi friend,

    Due to some common reasons you are facing this email not sent issue in your ipad device.Some of the reasons are

    ---> Due to the enter destination email ID is wrong.

    ---> Due to internet connection is disconnected when you tapping send option.

    ---> Due to data package balance is over for your ipad.

    ---> Due to slow internet connection or low signal you are facing this issue.

    +++ Remedies to follow to resolve the email not send issue in ipad :

    1. First of all enter the correct email id and send.

    2. If data pack balance is over then recharge and try again.

    3. Don't attach the more memory size files to email.

    4. If internet connection disconnected then connect it and try again.

    Thank you..................

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    Re: Email not being sent on iPad

    Hello my dear Dude ....

    First of all open the Mail ..

    Then Click on the Message icon

    There you need to enter Recipients address in the Field

    Enter the Address in the Cc/Bcc field

    In the Subject line... type the MAIN SUBJECT

    After typing in the Subject field ...

    Go to the Message body

    There you can type YOUR MESSAGE

    Finally click on SEND option

    To view the SENT message , tap the INBOX button

    Tap Mail boxes ...

    Tap Sent items to view the Sent one's


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    Re: Email not being sent on iPad

    Hello Friend,

    Its not a big problem,please go to the your device home screen and open the apps store in your device,

    After this install the mails apps in your device,

    Then login your account and normally,then go to the compose message and sent the mails you want to the send,

    Now you use the normally,

    I hope this information usefull to you,


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    Re: Email not being sent on iPad

    Friend you sent your email but there is no record in the sent e-mail folder.To correct this problem you are to think

    the negative reasons behind the issue then solve one by one.

    1.You see the sender's address though if it is not possible then see whether your e-mail reverts.

    2.When you send the internet conection was out of order.

    3.Heve seen the message sent after doing email,?

    Now take actions to rectify your problems:-

    1.Use strong/fast internet connection.

    3.For uninterrupted connection use Wy-Fi if possible.

    4.Always view the message your email successfully sent.

    5.Then check the email content you sent.

    6.Check your box after 1(one) hour whether your sending email returned at your box.

    7.Then view your sent folder.

    These steps will bring a lot of peace that your important mail sent successfully.

    Thank You,

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    Re: Email not being sent on iPad

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Firstly You Need To Remove Your Recently Added Account In The Email App On The iPad
    >> After That Close All The Apps
    >> Then Press The Sleep And Home Keys At The Same Time
    >> Then You See The Apple Logo On The Screen
    >> Then Release The Keys
    >> Now Your Mobile Is Restored
    >> So Tap On The Setting >> Add EMail, Contact Option
    >> And Add The Email Account
    >> And Start The Using The Email Account And Send The Mail Without Any Issue.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    rkv Array
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    Re: Email not being sent on iPad

    dear friend
    it is not big problem please try these step
    first of all go to the your device home screen and open the application store in your device ,
    after this install the mail application in your device after this login your account and normally then go too the compose message ans then sent the mail you want to the send .and then you can use ....
    i hope your problem will be solved by any issue ....

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    somtapanath Array
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    Re: Email not being sent on iPad


    Email not being sent on iPad

    to solve the problem see the reason below--

    1st-->check the connection of the internet .

    -->if low then use the faster connection like 3G.

    2nd-->check the sending user ID is wrong or not.

    -->if mistake then use the proper used ID .

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    Re: Email not being sent on iPad

    Hello sir.

    I am suggested to you is that you are clear the cache of mail apps after that your problem will be solved.

    ==> Go to the main menu

    ==> Tap on the setting

    ==> Open the apps setting

    ==> Enter in the manage apps

    ==> Select the mail apps'

    ==> tap on the menu option

    ==> Then clear the cache and cookies

    ==> Restart your device

    All the best

    Thank you

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