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    Does iPad Mini support 10 watt charger?

    As I lost my iPad 3 few days back, I bought an iPad Mini yesterday. Is it possible to use a 10 watt charger too with iPad Mini?

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    Re: Does iPad Mini support 10 watt charger?

    Yes you can use that charger but you need to take of the charging every time because of high power connectivity to the ipad.
    1.You should connect that charger and remove immediately after it gets the battery full text on the screen.
    2.Then you can be safer side with your ipad if not the battery of your new ipad may get affected with this type of charging.
    3.It will be more comfortable for you to charge your ipad through the charger provided for you in the box.
    4.This is the easiest way to get protect your ipad while charging the battery.

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