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    Details of ‘A Chain Reaction’ game for iPad

    I would like to know details about the new game ‘A Chain Reaction’ for my iPad like its interesting features and also availability. Can you share the details?

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    Re: Details of ‘A Chain Reaction’ game for iPad

    A Chain Reaction is a new game designed especially for iPad users. It is a really simple but addictive game. Four different modes is the attractive element of this game.
    • Classic mode includes 8 adventurous levels
    • Sudden Death mode includes various challenging levels
    • Negative mode will prompt players to score positive marks to get into next levels
    • Chaos mode includes really interesting levels without any predictive actions
    This game can be obtained free of cost from iTunes

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    Re: Details of ‘A Chain Reaction’ game for iPad

    A Chain Reaction game

    >> iPad Users are the main target of this game

    >> There are 4 modes in the game (a) Classic (b) Sudden Death (c) Negative (d) Chaos

    >> Classic mode: There are eight adventurous levels

    >> Sudden Death mode: There are different challenging levels

    >> Negative mode: To jump to next levels this mode will prompt for positive marks to score

    >> Chaos mode: This levels is unpredictable and there are very interesting levels

    >> You can download and install the game from “App Store”

    >> Or else you can refer to the below mentioned link
    Source :http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rubeh...363970812?mt=8

    >> Reboot your device once installed

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