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    Delecting site from history on iPad 2 safari. NOT WEBSITE DATA ( did not remove from history at all in settings)

    I am trying to remove one site from safari's history on my iPad 2, without deleting all my history. I have searched and searched and everything pretty much says go to setting advanced website data delete restart. I have done so several times and the site was literally still on my history list in safari and came up as a suggestion as well. I do not want to delete all my website history safari, just this one site specifically only. Again deleting the website data did nothing but made the website load 1 sec slower when loading. I do not want it to appear on history list or be suggestion nor do I want to delete my entire history list or ?whole day of history? Just one website. Going to home screen,settings, safari,advanced setting, website data, and deleting the website off the list did not remove it from history or stop it from coming up as a suggestion, even after restarting iPad. I just want it removed from history.

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