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    Crash-site Defence game for iPad

    I heard the arrival of a new interesting game Crash-site Defence for iPad. I would like to know details about this game like an outline and its availability.

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    Re: Crash-site Defence game for iPad

    The main theme of this Crash-site Defence game is the tower defence strategy. The game is configured in several levels comprising highly upgradeable towers as well as stunning special attacks making it really interesting. By defeating the enemies in each level, you will be automatically taken to the next interesting level. Each of the level is really interesting and also challenging at the same time. The rules of the game are really simple for even the kids to understand. The best thing about this game is that the first half of the game is made available free of cost in the App store. If you are interested in the first half then you can purchase the second half with a negligible payment from the store.

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    Re: Crash-site Defence game for iPad

    Key features of the Game:

    >> Got the app of the week award in Apple store
    >> One among top 20 strategy game in apple store
    >> Eye catching visuals dedicately designed for ipads.
    >> 7 different attack modes.
    >> Instant Play mode
    >> Original music store for the game.

    Official portal:

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    Re: Crash-site Defence game for iPad

    Crash-site Defense game for iPad
    >> Based on Strategies for Tower Defence

    >> There are various levels in this game

    >> Stunning Special attacks and Upgradeable tower are also best features

    >> RPG elements and homing missile are also interesting tools in the game

    >> You can download and install the game from “Apple Store”

    http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crash...485061657?mt=8>> Reboot your device once installed

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    Re: Crash-site Defence game for iPad

    Crash-site Defense game for iPad:-
    It is supported by tower defense strategy.
    It has various levels with special attacking features & higher upgraded towers.
    To go to the next level you need to complete the previous levels.
    This is a simple & user friendly game and its rule is very simple to understand.
    50% levels of the game can be played with free of cost.
    But you have to buy the next 50% higher levels.

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    Re: Crash-site Defence game for iPad

    Dear friend,

    This game is very popular because it is very adventurous .

    In this game you need to go for the other planets and meeting the alien and killing.

    ---> Very interesting stages and number of stages.

    ---> 3D effects game and more graphics.

    ---> You can download this game for free of cost.

    ---> Very challenging game for the ipad users.

    ---> More helpful keys are there and even kids can understand and play.

    ---> Different types of weapons and different type of powers.

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    Re: Crash-site Defence game for iPad

    Re: Crash-site Defence game for iPad

    hi friends
    it is only support for the catagiry and also

    it is a good game allotted by the different levels here

    and attacking features and upgrade towers

    then go to forward then you complete previous levels in there

    you can download this game in the istore and appstore

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