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    Contact list not getting opened on iPad mini after iOS update

    I just update my iPad Mini iOS software to iOS 5.3 but right after doing this I am totally unable to see my contacts in contact list. Whenever I tap on contact option then a empty list will comes up rather having my contact numbers. What might be the issue? How can I get my contacts back in contact list?

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    Re: Contact list not getting opened on iPad mini after iOS update

    Hello my dear Aspirant

    I understood your problem and I have given you the solution for this problem

    >> For this you can first go to click on the " Home " menu

    >> There you can try to click on the "Settings " option

    >> Now you can see the "General " option

    >> Under General menu you will find a "Reset "

    >> After Tap on it you can Reset all the Settings in default

    Finally Make changes to click on " Done " at the Top menu

    Try to see the Problem again if you face the same issue then try to Update the New Version of iOs

    That is all

    Good luck

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