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    Connection to server failed message in an iPad

    When trying to get yahoo mail which is set as my mail default keep getting message connection to server failed. I am able to look at all other media eg Facebook and google, please help!

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    Re: Connection to server failed message in an iPad


    Just change Active Sync in your ipad. Active Sync synchronization of an iPhone or iPad Microsoft Exchange Server.
    1. Start Active Directory
    2. Find the user account which experience this problem
    4. Click the Advanced button
    5-Change active sync and set as default.

    Thank you
    all the best//////

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    Re: Connection to server failed message in an iPad

    Hello my dear Aspirant

    There are so many ways to fix the issue

    a) Navigate all items from the inbox to a different folder

    b)Upgrade Exchange server

    c) Change Exchange security settings

    The above three fixes your issue if the problem remains there you can follow the below instructions

    <> Choose to select on "Start " button and then click on "All programs"

    <> There you can select the Administrative Tools and then Tap on "Direct User and Accounts "

    <> Now you can see the "Number of tabs " on which click on the "View " tab there you will find " Advanced features "

    <> After click on the Advanced features you can see a "Exchanges servers " which are present in the "Security window"

    Thus you must click on the "Inheritable permissions toggle "and finally click on "ok " to make save changes'

    That is all

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