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    Can't print Photos directly from my iPad to Air Printer

    Hello sir. I am an iPad user and not able to print My photos directly from my iPad to the Air Printer. I don't know why. However, I know that an iPad is capable of supporting these kind of operations. What's wrong with my iPad? Can you help me?

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    shivam2k6 Array
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    Re: Can't print Photos directly from my iPad to Air Printer

    Dear Friend,

    You can only print directly to Wi-Fi printers that support AirPrint. So, problem may be there in printer also.

    Try these easy steps:

    1. Restart your printer.

    2. Check the firmware of your printer, it might be outdated

    3. Read printer documentation to know the process of updating and troubleshooting your printer.

    After updating it will surely start working and you can print your photos.

    All the best.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Can't print Photos directly from my iPad to Air Printer

    Hi friends here we can have the way to resolve your problem
    i think this may be helpful to you
    -->First of all you have to verify that the airplay software is present in your ipad or not.
    -->And you have to check the version of that related software in the manual of the printer.
    -->After watching the version of the software in the manual you have to downlaod and install the same version on the ipad.
    -->And you have to verify whether the both devices are in the same wi-fi region or not.
    -->After that you will have the connection between them easily.
    -->After geting the connection between them you will have the option to print any thing from your ipad to the printer.

    thank you..............

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