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    Cannot update apps on iPad 3 even though App Store shows up alerts

    When I check my iPad 3 yesterday, I found that the App Store alerts me for the update of three apps. But when I tap over the ‘Update’ button, I keep getting the error message “You cannot update this software since you have not owned the major version of this software”. Why is it so?

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    Re: Cannot update apps on iPad 3 even though App Store shows up alerts

    Instead of updating all applications at the same time, update them individually. First of all, search for the app you want to update and tap the ‘Update’ button available in the app details. If this does not work, sign out from Apple account and login in again. Hit the ‘Settings’ icon available on home screen and tap over ‘iTunes & App Store’ option. Tap the ‘Apple ID’ afterwards and select ‘Sign Out’ option. You can then sign into the same account by getting into ‘iTunes & App Store’ settings. In case this solution also fails, restart the iPad by making use of Sleep/Wake button. Press and hold this button for few seconds and slide the red slider pop up on the screen for turning off the iPad. You can turn on the iPad by holding down the same button until the screen show up the silver Apple Logo.

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    Re: Cannot update apps on iPad 3 even though App Store shows up alerts


    To update app on your ipad you can go with these steps...

    ===>Connect your iPad with the system via USB port.
    ===>Now launch the iTunes software on your system.
    ===>iTunes will find the connected device.
    ===>Under the iTunes window click on Store option.
    ===>Now click on All apps option.
    ===>After clicking you will see the list of installed apps on your iPad.
    ===>Now select the app and click on Check for update option.
    ===>After clicking iTunes will find the available update for the selected app.
    ===>Now install available update trough iTunes.
    ===>This way you can update apps on your device.

    Try this i hope this will help you...

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