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    Cannot load App Store since upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6

    When I try to open App Store after upgrading my iPad 2 to IOS 6, I have noticed that it is getting stuck on the loading screen. The situation remains the same even after turning on and off the option. How can I fix up this issue?

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    Re: Cannot load App Store since upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6

    First of all, try to sign into App Store with another Apple ID and see whether the app gets loaded into your iPad. If this does not work, then try to restart your iPad with the help of Sleep/Wake button. Press it until a red slider become visible on the screen. Slide the slider to turn off your iPhone. You can turn it on by pressing the same button until the screen shows an Apple Logo. If you can still find the issue, then back up your data through iTunes and navigate into Settings->General->Reset and tap the ‘Erase All Contents and Settings’. After that, connect your iPhone with your PC and launch iTunes in it. Then, restore your iPad from the back up. For that, first click the ‘Summary’ tab and right click on the name of your iPad under ‘Devices’ option. Then, select the ‘Restore from Back up’ option available on the pop-up menu. Still, if you can’t load the App Store, then select the ‘Set Up as a new device’ option.

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    Re: Cannot load App Store since upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6

    Hiii dude....it is possible to take over the your problem but according to the system the app store will work...*on going to the settings in the ipad we can change the option ...* in that we have to clear the all prvious content in the ipad...*and then it is possible to take over your problem....

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    Re: Cannot load App Store since upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 6

    You may need to update the apps which woul be up to the app developer, but you could try deleting the apps and reinstalling them. Backup your iPad before you do that - if you do it.

    Tap and hold down on the app icons until they wiggle, then tap the X that appears on the icons to delete them. Tap the home button to stop the apps from wiggling. Then download them again in the purchased tab of the App Store.

    If you do decide to do this, start with one app only - delete it an reinstall it and see if that works.

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