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    Can mac mini replace ipad?

    Is it true that mac mini is an iPad alternative? How is it different to iPad?

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    Re: Can mac mini replace ipad?

    The Mini Mac from Apple is rated as one of the ultimate upgrades for your iPad. This is actually a Mini server comprising four USB ports along with a CD burner/player. The only lacking element is a keyboard and monitor. There comes the role of your iPad. You can make use of your iPad to serve the purpose of a monitor. When you add a keyboard also, you can experience a lovable PC. There are also options for hooking up mini webcam to it making a splendid experience.

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    Re: Can mac mini replace ipad?

    It is just the Hope that it will surely be much better than the Ipad. It has many upgrades and there is every little chance to believe that it will surely be a master piece and people get to use it for almost all their jobs in the Device.

    If the device comes out with what Apple has promised to deliver for their users then surely it will rock the world more than Ipad and it has all the ability to replace Ipad.

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