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    Call sound became very poor on iPad 2 after iOS 6 update

    I have been using iPad 2 since a while. I have updated it to iOS 6. After this iOS 6 update the call sound has become extremely poor. This is creating lot of issues while I am on a call. Is there any app that can make the call sound to the normal. Kindly provide guidance.

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    Re: Call sound became very poor on iPad 2 after iOS 6 update

    Hi friend,

    After updating the ipad 2 your all previous settings will go to default.You can resolve this call sound becomes poor by increasing call volume.Follow the below instructions to done this

    +++ Steps to follow to resolve the call volume poor in ipad 2:

    1. First of all restart the ipad 2 device after update.

    2. Now go to the main menu and tap the settings.

    3. In settings you will see the sound option.So,tap it.

    4. In sound again find and tap the call volume.

    5. Now you will see the small volume bar to manager.

    6. Drag the bar to right for increasing the sound or drag to left for decreasing the call volume.

    7. Finally tap the save option to save the changes.

    Thank you....................

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