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    Bulk mail not loading on iPad 2

    Even though there is no problem in accessing regular mail through my iPad 2, it does not load the bulk mail. I can only get the count of bulk mails in my iPad. What should I do to view the bulk mails?

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    vermaheart Array
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    Re: Bulk mail not loading on iPad 2

    Hi there,

    BULK MAILS requires the faster data transfer rate than the normal mails.
    The reason of your problem may be the poor internet connectivity of internet in your device.
    So, I recommend you to use a faster internet connection in your device.
    You can equip your device with a 3G connection or a WIFI connection to serve your purpose.
    This will definitely help you to serve your purpose.

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    Re: Bulk mail not loading on iPad 2

    You can send Bulk mail through the Ipad and it means sending the mail through your message and to many numbers.So you can go for the Bulk mail so that one message can be sent at a time.Sometimes it takes time to load with the Bulk mail because you can not work out very fast with the bulk mail process.So there is a solution that you can work out slowly if you want to send a bulk mail.

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