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    Black screen appearing on iPad1

    I own a first series iPad. Recently i placed it to charge and when i returned i found that the iPad has gone blank and now I can see only a blank screen. I tried resetting, turning power on and off, and hard reset and even restored on my mac. Can anyone help me in solving this problem?

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    Re: Black screen appearing on iPad1

    As you say this problem come when you placed it for charging then it is possible that
    problem come to due to sort circuit or like problems. I thing it is not due to any software
    problem. You said that it is your new ipad then it will be better that go to apple service
    center. Your problem will be solved. But if you want to try it by your self then try it once
    by factory restore by using your computer. But i thing it will not recognige on your iTune.
    So just go to Service center.

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    Re: Black screen appearing on iPad1

    Hi friend,

    This is common issue in all ipad's and in simple way you can resolve it.

    This blank screen problems are raises due to many reasons.Some of reasons like

    1. Due to virus attact in ipad.

    2. Due to very old version of ipad ios.

    3. Due to stuck in ipad.

    4. Don't use the more application at single time.

    5. May be due camera is opened in your ipad.Close the camera app and try once again.

    +++ Tips to avoid blank screen in ipad :

    1. Regularly update the ipad firmware.

    2. Install the anti-virus apps and delete malwares.

    3. Reboot the ipad if blank screen appears.

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    Re: Black screen appearing on iPad1

    Dear don't worry many users have such problem in there i Pad you have just reboot the i Pad and put """""reset factory settings"""" because your """"graphics accelerator"""" has gone bad and by this solution your graphics accelerator is repair through reset settings.


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    Re: Black screen appearing on iPad1

    you may be have the virus attack on the ipad.
    or you may have the old version of the ios in ipad.
    and you should not use the multiple apps at a time.
    i think you may stoped any app in the mean while time of the downloading time.(that means uncompleted download of any app on ipad.)
    or if you sidely open the camera then automatically black screen will appear.


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