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    Battery in iPad is discharging regularly despite very low usage

    I am an iPad user. There is no issue with its working but i am worried about its discharging speed. I always charge it and usage is also low but the battery consumption rate is too fast which is the main cause of my tension. Do you know, What is causing this kind of issue? If yes then, What's the solution.

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    sbhat Array
    Join Date
    May 2013

    Re: Battery in iPad is discharging regularly despite very low usage

    In your iPad batte is discharging very fast despite low usage.

    Then you are to consider.

    1.Whenever you abstain from using iPad you must close all running apps.

    2.At night you should swictch off when you go to sleep.

    3.Reset and restart you iPhone at least once a day.

    4.If it is found you problem still persist.

    4.Then obviously you are to change your battery.

    Thank You,

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    sucheta Array
    Join Date
    May 2013

    Re: Battery in iPad is discharging regularly despite very low usage

    Dear iPad user your iPad is discharging regularly despite very low usage.

    As a remidy you can do:-

    1.You should reset/re-open your device at least once in a day.

    2.Whenever you complete your task you see all apps are closed.

    3.As a result you are to recharge more then once in a day.

    4.At night you should switch off your phone, at the time of sleeping.

    5.If you see still your problem exist then without fail you change your battery to save the iPad.

    Thank You,

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    abhijeet2015 Array
    Join Date
    Oct 2012

    Re: Battery in iPad is discharging regularly despite very low usage


    Suggestions ---->
    * You need to have a battery saver app in device.
    * This is needed every time in device for battery saving.
    * You can download this app from app store any time.
    * Make sure to download only from safe place in device.
    * charge the battery in off position if not in use.

    Make sure that --->
    * Battery is a new one not too old .
    * You need to replace damage battery much sooner, and only use standard battery.
    * Do not on wifi, bluetooth every time when not in use.
    * Also off the background transfer of data when not in use.


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    arunwillbe1 Array
    Join Date
    Jun 2012

    Re: Battery in iPad is discharging regularly despite very low usage

    Hi friend,

    If you are facing the battery drain issue then this is because of battery life is over totally.You can resolve this issue by following below tips of by replacing the old battery with new battery.

    +++ Tips to follow to save the battery charge for long time in ipad device :

    1. Decrease the back light of the ipad to low because it consume the more battery.

    2. Set the less effective wallpaper and themes.

    3. Switch off the wifi and bluetooth features when you don't use them.

    4. Switch off the ipad when you going to sleep.

    5. Turn off the media files when you not listening or watching.

    6. Operate only one task at a time to avoid this battery discharge issue.

    7. Use the less web because it will consume more battery charge.

    Thank you......................

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