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    Auto-rotate failed on iPad 2

    The Auto-rotate feature appears faulty and showing some error on my iPad 2. Is there any solution for this problem?

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    Post Re: Auto-rotate failed on iPad 2

    ~~ HI ~~

    ~~ Do the following to solve your problem ~~

    ~_~ Double-click the Home button to bring the task bar at the bottom of the screen ~_~

    Swipe your finger from left to right across the task bar ~_~

    This will slide the task bar and reveal control panel ~_~

    Now you can see button looks like the arrow going on a circle at the left side of the panel ~_~

    click on it ~_~

    Your ipad won't rotate if you see little lock symbol in the middle of the circle ~_~

    Now just touch the button to solve the problem ~_~

    ~~ Thank you ~~

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    Re: Auto-rotate failed on iPad 2

    You must not get panic. If you hold your i-Pad in landscape mode then Home button the left, you will see the little slider button on the bottom right of the i-Pad next to the volume control.

    You will know if you have the screen rotation locked as an icon of a padlock with a curly arrow round it shows up on screen.

    If this trick doesn't work then you have to set all setting to reset.

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    Re: Auto-rotate failed on iPad 2


    you will have to HARD RESTART your ipad to fix this issue.

    Here is the PROCEDURE mentioned below to do this..


    1) PRESS and HOLD SLEEP/WAKE and HOME button together.

    2) Ignore the RED SLIDER on the screen and keep holding the two buttons..

    3) Then, after 2-3 seconds you will see APPLE LOGO on the screen.

    4) After the logo appears , leave the two buttons

    and your device will get restart after that..

    Thanks and Regards!!!

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    Re: Auto-rotate failed on iPad 2

    Firstly you should check whether the auto rotation is enabled in your ipad or not , if it is enable then ipads function might got stuck so try to reset your ipad.Or your ipad's SENSOR might have got damage due to any external hurt, if the problem lies in the SENSOR then you should send your ipad to the Apple service center and there they will replace the sensor.Thank you.

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